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The Qualified Savings Plan Trust is a supplemental retirement fund for members working in Local 841.  Contractors pay in at a specified rate on hours worked by the members and the money is then invested.  The objective of instituting this Fund was to provide an additional retirement benefit for members.  The Fund is administered locally and is governed by a Board of Trustees with equal representation from the employer and employee sides.  When members become eligible for withdrawing their accounts, they have the option of taking a lump sum or rolling the funds into their own individual retirement accounts.  The Local Union is trying very hard to ensure that the members are able to enjoy retirement and maintain a decent standard of living without worry about their retirement income.


For general information about the Qualified Savings Plan, click here:

 Qualified Savings Plan Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).


For further information about the Plan, see the Summary Plan Description (SPD) and Summary Material Modifications (changes and/or additions to Plan information) by clicking here:


 For contact information for the Qualified Savings Plan Fund staff, click here:

 How Can I Contact the Qualified Savings Plan Office?


For an Application for Benefits form you can fill and print, and to review special tax notices regarding benefit payments, click here:

Application for Benefits (PDF)


The Qualified Savings Plan Fund needs your help.  To see a list of Participants that the Fund is trying to find, click here:

Do You Know These People?


Employers - An Excel spreadsheet version of the Employer Contribution and Deduction report may be downloaded to report hours and contributions for Local 841 working dues, PAC, Qualified Savings and Apprenticeship & Training.  To download, use the Union Resources link in the blue menu to the left.

 (Note:  Employers who prefer to use the multiple-copy paper forms should contact the Union Hall at (812) 299-1177 for additional forms.)

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