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Apprenticeship is an excellent way to learn a craft and to earn an income at the same time. The system is designed to give someone who knows little or nothing about the trade the knowledge to become a master. The average length of an Operating Engineer apprenticeship is three to four years. During this period, apprentices learn their trade by :
1) working with skilled journeymen on actual job sites
2) attending related classroom instruction
3) field training at the training site

Basic Qualifications for Apprenticeship:
Must be at least 18 years of age
Must be physically fit for the work of the trade as determined by a doctor's examination
Must be an American citizen; possession of first papers will be accepted temporarily while allowing sufficient time to attain citizenship papers
Must possess a high school diploma or G.E.D. Equivalency Certificate
Must take an aptitude test administered by the Local Employment Service
Must be willing to submit to a drug test
Must have a valid driver's license
Must reside in the jurisdiction of Local 841
Must never have been convicted of a felony
In addition, the following attributes would be desirable:
  • A good work ethic and responsible attitude
  • Interest in working outdoors
  • Ability to work construction hours (If you have children, reliable and flexible childcare is essential)
  • Willingness to be out of work during seasonal down time
  • The ability to work for many different employers during your career
Operating Engineers Local 841 operates a Bureau of Apprenticeship and Training (BAT) approved program that includes classroom instruction, hands-on instruction and on-the-job training. Local 841 believes that comprehensive, uniform training for its members will provide a work force that is both productive and safe, benefiting the members, the contractors and the public.
Apprentices are carefully selected and trained in the most current technology and safety protocols available. There is a minimum of 144 hours of classroom and hands-on instruction given to the apprentices each year. An apprentice will be required to spend 6,000 hours on the job under direction, performing the required employment. During this period of training, the apprentice will not receive the full journeymen scale of wages, but a rate that is determined by the Joint Apprenticeship Committee and negotiated in the collective bargaining agreement. Upon completion of 6,000 hours, if qualified, the apprentice will then receive the full journeymen rate.
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